Synthetic Turf for Different Disciplines

Types of Synthetic Turf Explained

Multi Purpose Combination Turf

The best of both worlds, Performance, Durability & Versatility

Combination turf integrates both slit film and mono-filament fibers to deliver a surface that balances durability and realism. This hybrid turf is versatile and performs well for a variety of sports, making it a flexible solution for multi-use fields.

Mono Filament Turf


Mono filament turf features individual fibers that stand upright, providing a realistic look and excellent performance. This type of turf is ideal for sports that require precise ball movement and a natural feel, offering a premium playing experience.

Slit Film Turf


Slit film turf is known for its durability and resilience, making it ideal for high-traffic areas. The design of the fibers helps the turf maintain its appearance and performance even under heavy use, ensuring a long-lasting surface.

FIFA Quality

This name means that these systems fulfill the quality requirements necessary for soccer in terms of playing performance, safety, durability and quality assurance.

To identify soccer turf fields, FIFA awards the FIFA QUALITY mark to fields that meet the standard for community and amateur fields, and they use the FIFA QUALITY PRO mark to fields that ensure the highest playing performance for professional-level soccer.