About Us

Worldwide Turf Inc. is a Canadian owned and operated family business, founded in 2008 by Steve Halbert. We specialize in constructing and installing synthetic turf fields, multi-sport complexes, and indoor athletic facilities. The team at Worldwide Turf Inc. are some of the most competent and capable in the industry.

We Represent Quality, Service, and Expertise.

This is our framework to deliver the best in class quality products at a competitive price, with the expertise to build and install sports fields up to and including exclusive FIFA certifiable products from Green Fields, and provide the highest level of service to ensure customer satisfaction.

We Provide End to End Customer Service

We established our services with complete end-to-end customer service in mind. Our extensive synthetic turf expertise in both outdoor and indoor athletic playing fields enables us to help our customers on any size project, from a professional sports field, building a top-notch training facility, or recycling / replacing an old field that has reached its end of the life cycle.

We Are Canadian

We have worked with and are committed to supporting both large and small communities across North America. Our team members travel to many areas across the country to help create and build a space you can be proud of. Our Head Office is located in Barrie, Ontario, with a satellite office in Beaumont, Alberta.

We Care About The Planet

Through WWT’S green recycling initiative, all components of the synthetic turf field can be either reused or recycled. This reclamation process results in a considerable decrease in the amount of material heading to the landfill (in addition to providing a considerable cost saving to the customer).

We Value Our Supplier Relationships

We are excited to partner with the world-renowned synthetic turf surface company, Sporturf™. Their in house, state-of-the-art laboratory provides the ability to develop products that exceed the requirements of all the individual sport’s governing bodies around the world. Safety and performance standards continue to be a priority in product development. WWT is the Canadian dealer for Sporturf™ which includes the exclusive Green Fields FIFA and Combat Turf™ product line.

Steve Halbert

Founder & President of Worldwide Turf Inc.

Steve Halbert is the Founder & President of Worldwide Turf Inc.
He graduated in the early 80’s from the Forestry program at Sir Sandford Fleming College in Peterborough, Ontario.
After developing a successful forty year career in the landscape, construction, and artificial turf industry, Steve established Worldwide Turf Inc. to help customers strengthen their communities and make a positive impact within their neighbourhood sport sector, so that children and families have the opportunity to stay healthy through year round sports participation. His love of sports includes golf, hockey, baseball, football, along with many others. He and his wife Joannie have five children. Together they work hard to support their business partnerships and local charities.

WWT Green Recycling Initiative

WWT Green Recycling Initiative

Green friendly policies and practices have been integrated into our organization that promotes energy and material conservation, as well as waste reduction. Providing our employees with an environmentally conscious workplace allows us to embrace green business practices through reduced energy consumption, electronic document use, recycling and diverting waste, and ongoing training to increase awareness on reducing our environmental footprint. We carefully partner with suppliers whose sustainable initiatives and products embrace an ethical supplier code of conduct.

Worldwide Turf Inc. was one of the first companies in Canada to incorporate a sustainable sports field reclamation initiative at St. Michaels College School, resulting in 100% of the sports field infill being reused and the turf field recycled. Since then, we have successfully completed turf reclamation projects for the City of Toronto, the Town of Oakville, St.Mary’s University and The Hanger at Downsview Park, in which 100% of the old fields were diverted from the landfill.

We have incorporated processes for complete recycling or ‘cradle to cradle’ field systems. We incorporate several products such as recycled tires or TPE as infill and a 100% recyclable backing can be used. Synthetic turf field panels that have reached their end of life cycle can be recycled or donated.